Nabhi Chakra (Peace)

The third chakra is the one that gives us the sense of generosity, complete satisfaction and contentment. When enlightened, the Nabhi chakra gives us our spiritual ascent, righteousness and inner sense of morality, and complete balance at all levels in our life.

Location. Your Nabhi chakra is located within your spinal column. It can be found parallel to your navel. It is closely associated with your solar plexus. The vibrations of your Nabhi chakra can be felt in your middle fingers.  The function of your abdominal organs (stomach, liver, kidneys, and bowels) is regulated by the Nabhi and Swadisthan chakras along with the Void. These three subtle centers work as an integrated unit in ensuring a harmonious physiologic environment in your body.

Qualities. The Nabhi chakra is represented by the color green. It is aligned with the essential element of water.

Nabhi chakra qualities include:
• Generosity
• Nurturing
• Contentment (or satisfaction)
• Peace
• Joy
• Balance
• Righteousness (or dharma)
• Honesty
• Pure attention
• Dignity
• Evolution (or the achievement of goals)

The Nabhi chakra imparts several fundamental qualities, including generosity and the capacity to evolve. It is through your Nabhi chakra that you experience a desire to grow, improve and achieve your goals. It influences every “seeking” action within your life, from the fundamental quest for food and water to your quest for peace and spirituality. Because of this chakra, you have the capacity to evolve progressively to a higher stage of life.

Another key quality of the Nabhi chakra is contentment (or satisfaction). It is through your Nabhi chakra that you may establish an ideal balance between all areas of your life (including family, work and spiritual). At the same time, energizing this chakra enables you to be nurturing and righteous. It imparts the qualities of caring, nurturing and affection to wives and mothers that help them take care of their families.

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