The Void (the Guru)/ Bhavsagar

Surrounding the second and the third chakra is the Void which stands for the principle of mastery within us. In Sahaja Yoga you become your own master, your own spiritual guide since you can feel your subtle system on your fingertips.

Location. The Void is the region located within your abdominal cavity. It contains your Nabhi chakra. You may feel the vibrations of the Void within an area formed by concentric circles around the center of your palm.

Qualities. The Void is represented by the color green. It is aligned with the elements of sky and saltwater. It is symbolic of the ocean within each of us.

Void qualities include:

• Balance
• Righteousness (or dharma)
• Sense of personal dignity
• Self-discipline
• Self-guidance
• Decisiveness
• Patience
• Thirst for truth and knowledge
• The guru principle  (or the ability to guide yourself and others in spiritual evolution)

The Void, along with your Nabhi and Swadisthan chakras, represents an integrated spiritual group. Together, these three elements dictate the course of your evolution, from your creation to your ultimate awareness of spirituality and your journey thereon.

An essential quality of the Void is the “guru” principle. This quality enables you to become a guru, or teacher, offering guidance to others. This doesn’t mean that you become a famous TV personality or “self-help” speaker. Nor does it mean that people will line up around the block for your advice. What it does mean is that you can possess a cool, pleasant and friendly personality. You’ll know the right thing to do (at least most of the time), and the people in your life will appreciate it.

The Void is so named because it represents the ocean of unenlightened awareness (or void) within an individual’s knowledge. Each individual may require the guidance of a true master or truthful spiritual teachings in order to realize his or her true spiritual nature. When you learn the truth of the spirit, your Void, or the gap in your central channel, is filled. This event occurs as you receive your Kundalini awakening and awareness.

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