The Sahasrara Chakra (Integration)

The seventh center integrates all the chakras with their respective qualities. It is the last milestone of the evolution of human awareness.

Today, this chakra is now awakened, allowing our consciousness to enter into this new realm of perception and awareness, which is beyond our mental activities and thoughts.This chakra gives us the direct, absolute perception of Reality on our central nervous system. This is precisely what is achieved by Self Realization, through the spontaneous awakening of the Kundalini given by Sahaja Yoga.

Location. Your Sahasrara chakra is located within your brain’s limbic system. You may feel the vibrations of the Sahasrara chakra in the center of your palm.

Qualities. It is through the Sahasrara chakra that you are able to connect to the power that created you. Through this, you may discover the meaning of your life. It represents your ultimate destination – the realization of heaven on earth.

Sahasrara chakra qualities include:

• A sense of “oneness” with the universe (also known as “integration”)
• Thoughtless awareness or mental silence
• Doubtless awareness or awareness of the divine energy

Each of your six main chakras (from Mooladhara through Agnya) has roots within your brain. When you practice Sahaja Yoga, the Kundalini rises. It passes through each of the six chakras and settles in the limbic region of your brain. This process is also known as Spiritual Enlightenment.

The Sahasrara chakra is represented in the hollow space within the limbic area. One thousand nerves surround this space. When the Kundalini energy enters your Sahasrara chakra through meditation, all these nerves ‘enlighten’ in unison. The Kundalini energy then manifests through the top of your head and unites with the Divine Energy of the universe.

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