Swadishthan Chakra (Creativity)

The second chakra is the chakra of creativity, pure attention and pure knowledge. It is the one which connects us to the inner source of inspiration, and enables us to experience the beauty around us.

Location. Your Swadisthan chakra is located in the aortic plexus above your sacrum bone. This chakra controls the functioning of your liver, kidney, spleen, pancreas, and female reproductive organs (if you are a woman). The vibrations of your Swadisthan chakra can be felt in your thumbs.

Qualities. The Swadisthan chakra is represented by the color yellow. It is aligned with the purifying element of fire.

Swadisthan chakra qualities include:

• Creativity
• Appreciation of beauty
• Inspiration
• Idea generation
• Undistracted attention
• Keen intellectual perception
• Pure knowledge
• Spiritual knowledge

The fundamental quality of the Swadisthan is creativity. It is through this chakra that your creative energy is generated. The Swadisthan also governs attention, inspiration and pure knowledge.

When you open yourself to the qualities of the Swadisthan chakra, you will discover that the beauty and power of creation is reflected within you. You already contain a limitless amount of creativity and knowledge. Practicing Sahaja Yoga will teach you to tap into it.

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