How is Sahaja Yoga unique from other forms of yoga?

Sahaja Yoga techniques are absolutely unique in that they allow you to break through to the crown or seventh chakra, something that only a very few spiritual masters had previously been able to achieve across the centuries to a few chosen disciples. However, the fact that Sahaja Yoga can achieve this phenomenon en masse and simultaneously for a large group of people makes it a profound discovery compared to all other forms of Kundalini Yoga or meditation.

Sahaja Yoga techniques raise the Kundalini energy  through the Sushumna nadi (the central nervous system), an accomplishment that’s unique to Sahaja Yoga, while some other techniques raise it either through the left or right channels or a combination. The central channel is the path of our spiritual ascent and hence this is vital.

Sahaja Yoga places the ability and power to transform yourself by making you the master of your own inner spiritual self.

Sahaja Yoga is run entirely by a volunteer not-for-profit organization where practitioners offer the techniques and teachings completely free of charge without any kind of commercial interest involved at any time during the practice.

The mission and philosophy of Sahaja Yoga, as stated by Shri Mataji, the Founder, is simple – peace in the world is only possible if every human being can become peaceful from within. And Sahaja Yoga is designed to be given easily to as many people as possible so that the world can be ultimately be a peaceful, beautiful and completely natural place to live.

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