Sahaja Yoga for Management of Stress & Life Style Diseases

The changes of rapid globalization are putting heavy stress on people and taking a heavy toll of their health and lives. Only a century ago the primary threats to human life were infections, but now days most humans die of
diseases like diabetes heart attacks and stroke in which stress plays a major role. Diseases like angina, heart attack and diabetes which only struck in elderly age groups are now claiming, as their victims, as young as 30 yrs old. It
may not be an easy task to change the present day stressors of competitive, aggressive fast paced lives, but certainly a change can be brought in an individual’s perceptions and coping abilities to combat negative effects of stress on health and diseases.

In fact, new research reveals that simple 20 minutes of Sahaja Yoga meditation a day now can keep you free of stress.


We thank the Hon’able Vice Chancellor, Respected Dean & Head of Departments of Physiology & Medicine, of the MGM institute of Health Sciences , Navi Mumbai, the entire team of dedicated doctors of the International Sahaja Yoga Health Centre, Navi Mumbai,
Dr Ramesh Manocha, Lecturer in Psychiatry, Sydney Medical School, Australia,
Dr Sheng Chia, Asst Prof of Epidimiology at the London School of Epidemiology,
Dr Usha Panjwani –Professor, Defence Institute of Physiology and Allied Sciences, New Delhi,
Dr Deepak Chug, Senior Consultant Neurologist in Los Angeles, USA,
Prof Katya Rubia, Dept Of Cognitive Neuroscience, Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College University London,
Dr Ashish Pradhan, Medical Director, Pfizer, USA, Prof Medicine, MGM, Mumbai,
and last but not the least, all the Volunteers for all their cooperation & valuable contributions.

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