Sahaja Yoga's Impact on Evolution in Human Beings - An Analytical Study

A Brief Summary on “An Analytical Study of Sahaja Yoga Impact on Development and Evolution in Human Beings”


The origin of creation is supposed to have happened due to an explosion of energy defined as Big bang. Resultant creation is made of visible and invisible, living and non-living and other seen-unseen elements. In the creation all these exist at four main levels known as Physical, subtle, causal and super-causal levels of existence. These levels are also the expression of divinity in the creation.
A human being is a living system made of visible and invisible elements and is considered a replica of universe. Thus a human being also has four levels of bodies known as physical body, subtle body, causal body and super-causal body. All these bodies have their elements and the divine forces behind the elements which contribute to working and behaviour of a human being in daily life. Some of the major elements of four bodies are,

a. Physical Body. Body, Body Parts, Organs, Systems. All that makes physical body work as a living system and perform physical actions.
b. Subtle Body. Mana (Mind), Buddhi (Intellect), SukshamIndriya (Subtle Senses). Controls working of physical body and human being as a living being.
c. Causal Body.Chitta (Attention), Ahankar (Ego), SukshmaPran (Subtle Life Force). Controls working of subtle body and through subtle physical body actions.
d. Supercausal Body. Atma (Soul), Pramatma (God), Prakarti (Nature). Controls working of causal body and through causal body working of subtle and physical body.

Working of Human Being and Behaviour
A human being as a living beings works under the control of brain-mind system. Brain is an element and part of physical body and Mind, an element of subtle body. But brain and mind are also effected by the state of causal and super-causal body elements like chitta, life force, prakarti, atma etc. Behaviour of a human being is the result of various internal factors and is observed as impression and expression caused by the impact of actions like words, dealings, reactions etc. on other livings and non-livings in general but human beings in particular. In a human being behaviour is the ultimate result of all the elements of various bodies and their impact on physical body elements which exhibit as behaviour.

Human behavior is also effected by some invisible factors like anger, fear, lust, greed, tension, anxiety etc. which are the result of actions and reactions of various body elements and exhibit as behaviour at physical and subtle levels. These are all drivers of behavior in a human being. By controlling these drivers and their impact on the elements of bodies behaviour can be controlled.

Yoga and meditation work at elements of various bodies and hence control items of behaviour.

Role of Yoga in Human Behaviour

Yoga means union of individual living with creator or Atma with Paramatma. Meditation is the process of creating this union. In practical terms meditation and yoga mean bringing peaceful integration in elements of four bodies i.e. body, mind, attention and soul etc. and achieve the goal of yoga i.e. union of atma with paramatma which reflects as joy and peace, happy mind and thoughts and ailment free health.

Meditation and Yoga as tools of human development have been accepted world over.

Sahaja yoga, though an old system, has been revived and taught in recent times. Sahaja Yoga works using kundalini awakening as the source of achieving yoga.

Kundalini is the divine energy resident in every human being and imparts life and balance and flows through Nervous System (Nadis) and Plexuses (Chakras) in the physical body. Problems in a human being are caused by imbalance in the flow of energy which when balanced removes the
problems .

Kundalini normally remains dormant but on being awakened flows through Nadis and Chakras and energises every cell and organ connected through nerves and plexuses. By meditation one can bring balance in this flow in the body and achieve benefits at physical (Body and Organs),subtle (Mind, Intellect) and even causal (Ego, Consciousness) bodies which are cause of anger, tension and all other weaknesses.

This also imparts an awareness of higher level known as self realisation.

Article by:
Dr Hari S Sharma


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