The Central Channel – Sushumna Nadi

Your central energy channel (Sushumna nadi), also called the middle path, travels from the sacrum bone at the base of your spine (where your Kundalini energy resides) straight up your spine towards the Sahasrara chakra.

Your central energy channel is the channel that aids your spiritual growth.  In fact, we’d say that you’ve been drawn to Sahaja Yoga because of the strength of your central channel.  The central energy channel can be used to help you evolve continuously into an improved personality with an increased focus on the subtler aspects of life. 

Your entire subtle energy system is integrated in the Sahasrara chakra. As such, it is the most important chakra for spiritual growth and meditation.

It is also the chakra in which your Kundalini has the greatest ability to maximize its potential to help you. Clearing obstructions in the central energy channel is a critical component of Sahaja Yoga.

When you are constantly in balance, your central channel remains clear. This paves the way for your Kundalini, to rise smoothly to the Sahasrara chakra. When this happens, your own Kundalini unites with the Divine Energy of the universe.  Proper functioning of the central energy channel is crucial to maintaining energy balance. In a way, it represents the very essence of balancing the chakras and the primary goal of meditation.

It may sound complex, but understanding your energy channels is quite simple if you think of them in the following way. You’ll want to use your left and right energy channels to balance your emotions, desires and actions as you live and enjoy your life. At the same time, you’ll want to spend time on the central energy channel so you can continuously improve yourself as a spiritual personality.

Keeping all three channels balanced and clear will give you the power to manage your life, and all its challenges, with ease. You’ll also experience and enjoy all of life’s pleasures in a balanced and more meaningful way.

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